Unity pledge to back whoever becomes speaker nominee is floating around GOP

A Republican lawmaker is attempting to stymie division in the GOP before lawmakers choose a third nominee for Speaker of the House with a pledge to support whoever that nominee may be. 

Rep. Mike Flood of Nebraska is pushing for his colleagues to sign a unity pledge, which would require lawmakers to support whoever ultimately becomes the next speaker designate, “regardless of who that candidate is.” 

Over a half dozen Republicans have thrown their name into the hat to run for speaker after lawmakers voted in a closed-door meeting to drop Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio as their nominee. 

Mr. Flood’s pledge would also require that a lawmaker who signs it will vote for the nominee on the House floor “for as long as they remain” the nominee. Mr. Jordan tried and failed three times to secure the speakership, losing votes each time he brought the matter to the floor. 

“Electing the next Speaker of the House will require unity from House Republicans,” Mr. Flood said. “This pledge is a new effort to help our conference put our differences aside and come together. I’m urging all my colleagues to join this pledge so we can move forward with electing a Speaker and get on with the people’s business.”

The list of candidates confirmed by The Washington Times includes Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota and Reps. Byron Donalds of Florida, Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, Jack Bergman of Michigan and Pete Sessions of Texas. 

So far, only Mr. Hern and Mr. Bergman have publicly supported the pledge. A source familiar told The Washington Times that Mr. Emmer also supports the pledge. 

The Washington Times has reached out to the other candidates on whether they will support Mr. Flood’s pledge. Each voted for Mr. Jordan during his three rounds on the House floor. 

The list of candidates vying for the gavel could grow over the weekend. Lawmakers interested in entering the race have until noon on Sunday to throw their name into the ring. Then there will be a closed-door candidate forum where each gavel hopeful will stump for the job in front of the conference. 

A closed-door vote is expected on Tuesday. By then, it will have been 21 days since former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the position.

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