San Diego MLS soccer team name, crest, colors unveiled

SAN DIEGO — The name, crest and colors of San Diego’s new Major League Soccer (MLS) team were unveiled in front of thousands of fans Friday during a presentation at Snapdragon Stadium.

San Diego FC will be the name of the professional soccer league’s 30th team, officials said in a news release.

“When we say San Diego this includes the entire region, including all 18 cities in San Diego County plus the cross border communities in Mexico. San Diego has a rich sporting history, deep talent pool and has long been considered the heart of soccer development in America,” the team said.

The “FC” in San Diego FC represents “a Football Club” competing on the global stage in the world’s game, while the term “Club” symbolizes the club’s owners, players, employees, partners, fans and supporters, it was said in the release.

The team’s colors are Chrome and Azul. Chrome symbolizes “San Diego’s spirit of excellence and cutting edge innovation,” while Azul “spotlights San Diego’s deep connection to the Pacific Ocean and our daily enjoyment of the clear blue sky,” officials described.

The team’s crest, known as “The Flow,” is 18 lines woven into one, according to the organization. It pays homage to the 18 communities in San Diego County.

“The Flow symbolizes how we perform at a peak level while embracing San Diego’s unique rhythm of life,” the team said.

Located at the top of the crest in the form of an arch is “San Diego,” which is “inspired by the iconic neighborhood arches and signs around greater San Diego,” per officials.

And lastly, the team’s shield shape represents the strength and unity of the San Diego community, while the chrome finish “reflects the colors of the community in the outer layer of our crest,” the team said.

“Our brand identity has been co-created with our fans and supporters over the past six months,” said Tom Penn, CEO, San Diego FC. “We believe our crest truly reflects the essence and spirit of San Diego. Our Club strives to become the epicenter of football excellence and innovation in North America.”

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