Hospital hosts students to generate interest in medical profession

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — Health care workers are retiring faster than anticipated.

Including Colorado, 20 states will not be able to keep up with the demand for medical workers, according to a recent report from the research group Mercer.

“Yes, we are seeing a workforce shortage across all of the health care industry,” said Dawn Anuszkiewicz, Good Samaritan Medical Center president.

Good Samaritan Medical Center wants to head off at the pass a possible shortage of hospital workers. So they hosted career day.

“Our goal today is to really inspire the next generation of healthcare workers. When we think about our community hospitals, we have a unique responsibility,” Anuszkiewicz said.

High school and community college students have been invited to attend the hospital’s career day and hopefully get inspired.

“The kids were exposed to some really exciting things today. One of those is robotic technology,” Anuszkiewicz said.

Simulating CPR to patients, running an IV, even doing an echocardiogram on themselves — all designed to inspire.

High school senior Jose Zamora is inspired already. He already has an interest in the medical profession.

“Being able to do hands-on learning instead of learning about it through online stuff. That being able to help me later in the future to see like, maybe I like doing what I was doing on that field trip,” Zamora said.

They say the opportunity is there — hopefully, desire will follow.

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