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According to him New York Times, the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA, issued guidelines to its members urging them to avoid dressing up as characters in major productions and to refrain from publishing photos that could be interpreted as promoting the work of the companies with which they are in negotiations. The union stressed the importance of using its collective power to send a clear message to striking workers that they will not support their content without a fair contract. The intention is for members to “celebrate Halloween this year while also showing solidarity” with the ongoing strike.

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Following SAG-AFTRA’s call to its members not to dress up as characters from affected companies during Halloween, the former president of the actors’ guild, Melissa Gilbert, was quick to express his disagreement, calling the costume guidelines “nonsense.” ” and “children’s.” In a post on Instagram, Gilbert responded to the union’s suggestions for Halloween with these words:

THIS is what they came up with? Literally no one cares what they wear for Halloween. I mean, do you really think this kind of childish thing is going to end the strike? We sound like a joke. Please tell me you’re going to make this rule go away… and go negotiate!

Merlina costume (Image: Google)

Additionally, he directly tagged the Instagram accounts of current SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher and chief negotiator, Duncan Crabtree-IrelandAnd wrote:

For God’s sake, people are suffering so much and this is what they have to say… come on guys… This is the kind of nonsense that keeps us on strike. ‘Let’s enact a policy that makes us look petty and incompetent at the same time.

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It is worth mentioning that Melissa Gilbert She addressed the actors union from 2001 to 2005 and was the third woman elected president. SAG-AFTRA posted a Halloween guide on its website Wednesday, urging its members to “celebrate Halloween this year while also being supportive” of the ongoing strike. Instead of costumes that promote Barbie – Former Screen Actors Guild President Criticizes Halloween Costume Rules Over Strike | The USA Print88% and Ken, the union recommended costumes inspired by widespread characters and figures, such as ghosts, zombies or spiders, thus avoiding advertising programs and films affected by the strike.

A union spokesperson explained:

SAG-AFTRA issued a Halloween guide in response to questions from content creators and members about how to support the strike during this holiday season. This was intended to help you avoid promoting striking labor, and is the latest in a series of guidelines we have issued. It doesn’t apply to anyone’s children. We are on strike for important reasons and we have been on strike for almost 100 days. Our number one priority remains getting the studios back to the negotiating table so we can get a fair deal for our members and ultimately get our industry back up and running.

Several SAG-AFTRA members also shared their thoughts on Halloween guidelines on social media. Ryan Reynolds, in a humorous tone, commented:

I can’t wait to yell ‘scab’ at my 8 year old son all night. She is not in the union but she needs to learn.

The fight for a better contract with AMPTP continues as SAG-AFTRA bans its members from doing press for affected shows and films. Despite bargaining meetings between the union and AMPTP last week, the talks failed to produce an agreement. Meanwhile, Fran Drescher works tirelessly to keep the Actors Guild together and motivate members to stay strong:

This too shall pass, but this is the time when we do not succumb to the pressure. This is the time when we stand tall and firm.

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