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Rosalía stars in the November edition of Vogue and adds her third cover for the Spanish edition of the iconic fashion magazine. An editorial signed by the New York photographer and stylist Katie Burnett and accompanied by an interview signed by her friend Penélope Cruz.

In the cover image, Rosalía poses in front of the camera with just some earrings, necklace and ring from Cartier’s high jewelry collection and with two doves in her hands, a symbol of peace and freedom, values ​​that the singer pursues and projects in his personal and professional life.

Vogue November cover with Rosalía

Katie Burnett

The photographs follow the same dark aesthetic, playing with black and white contrasts to add greater theatricality and drama to the whole. Photographer Katie Burnett is also known for her interest in the nostalgia of vintage photography from the 1940s to 1960s.

The makeup – with very sharp, black eyebrows, white skin and perfectly outlined lips – the long hair – sometimes tousled and other times polished to detail – and the costumes seem to be inspired by the casting of one of the best horror films. , from 1935, The Bride of Frankenstein. Some photographs are also very suitable to represent the nostalgic spirit of Halloween, a holiday that is celebrated on October 31.


The Bride of Frankenstein, the film directed by James Whale

Third parties

Beyond the fashion editorial, this cover referred to an unprecedented meeting that brought together two influential Spanish artists in a sincere conversation full of mutual admiration.

Vogue Spain's fashion editorial with Rosalía

Vogue Spain’s fashion editorial with Rosalía

Katie Burnett

During the interview, Rosalía and Penélope talk about how they met during the filming of “Dolor y Gloria”, and how Rosalía helped an overwhelmed Penélope Cruz sing, and they explore the parallels between their origins and careers, how to manage fame, of machismo in the lyrics of reggaeton, and of – fulfilled for one, longed for for the other – motherhood.

A conversation that both share with sincere enthusiasm: “How nice this is!” Rosalía comments. And Penelope continues: “I have so many things to ask you… I want to tell you once again what you mean to me. You are like an alien, the talent you have is not normal. It is incredible how you manage to touch the heart and that you are aware that this comes with an added responsibility.”

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