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Haunted houses are the norm come Halloween, but a new Miami attraction puts you in the middle of a real horror story — one that has Alex Miranda getting his spine tingled, along with a few other body parts.

It is not just scary in here; it is also really sexy. Malefycia in Allapattah is not just a haunted house and an immersive experience; we also have a whole party vibe going on in here with a DJ booth and a bar.

Malefycia is … well, what is it?

Jack Blouin: “I think it’s a mix between, like, a theater experience, an immersive show, and also a haunted house. But we don’t, like, do ‘boo’ and normal haunted house things.”

Right. Since when has a haunted house, now open in Allapattah through Sunday, been sexy?

Jack Blouin: “You get served with the sexiness, I think.”

The rooms are based on popular games, but with a Halloween twist … and scary good detail.

Alex Miranda: Pretty bunny, Yeah, can you say ‘pretty bunny’? Pretty bunny.”

Starting in this Victorian living room.

Jack Blouin: “You’re going to walk through and play with the actors. They improvise; they are not keeping the same or exactly, depending on how people react.”

Alex Miranda: “How immersive are we talking? Can I eat this cookie?”

Jack Blouin: “For sure man, for sure.”

Alex Miranda: “This is like really edible?”

Jack Blouin: “Yeah. I can eat it.”

Don’t mind if I do.

Alex Miranda: “This is very immersive. I mean, you’re like crawling at certain points. This show is fire. No, really.”

Jack Blouin: “We love to play on taste, odors, textures, some of the things that other haunted houses don’t do.”

Alex Miranda: “Now, is that an immersive bottle of wine, or?”

Jack Blouin: “After that, you pass into the second part of Ouija, where there’s a long table. There’s a lot of surprises in that room.”

Alex Miranda: “Looks like my uncle. Manuel?”

Jack Blouin: “You play Ouija, but not like you’re used to playing when you were a child. You’re sitting around a table…”

Alex Miranda: “I used to summon up the demons when I played it.”

Next up, an episode of “Botched” like you’ve never seen before.

Jack Blouin: “We move into the Operation room, where it’s not a normal operation.”

Alex Miranda: “Looks like it went bad.”

Jack Blouin: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God, Jack, it’s so good to see you. I’m so creeped out.” [Cue the disembodied, cut-off hand and forearm.]”

Jack Blouin: “Your group become the doctor and need to fix the bodies in front of you.”

Then, the Hangman’s space.

Alex Miranda: “Take a wild guess as to what can possibly go down here.”

Jack Blouin: “It’s a kind of dungeon. You will be able to send letters and maybe solve the problems of the Hangman.”

The idea is to open up, go with the flow and see where the night takes you.

Jack Blouin: “The last one is based on Zoltar. It’s the most sexy room we have here. People will be sitting…”

Malefycia. It will stay in your dreams, or nightmares, or even fantasies, forever.

Jack Blouin: “It’s one of a kind.”

Malefycia starts at 7 p.m. each night through Sunday. There is partial nudity, so it is for adults only.

Malefycia GAME
Miami Circus Art Center
1395 NW 22nd St.
Miami FL 33142

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