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Researchers of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (Idibell) and the Bellvitge Hospital (L’Hospitalet) have devised a treatment for prevent infections that are acquired in the intensive care units (icus). It’s about a drug which enables remove antibodies that bind to gram-negative bacteria and make them resistant to destruction of the immune system. The procedure allows for the first time suppress antibodies specific elements in the human body, and once it has received authorization from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) will enter the clinical phase.

For destroy to infectious agents the immune system creates “specific” antibodies against the antigens that pathogens express. At the time of infection, “specific” antibodies are only present if a prior vaccination against the infectious agent.

Before these antibodies are produced, pathogens can bind other antibodies present in the individual naturally, like those of the blood groups, or that have previously occurred against others Infectious agents.

The researchers highlight that the problem is that most of these “non-specific” antibodies They do not have destructive capacity against the new pathogen. Besides, this antibody typology can create a shield that preventsperformance of the immune system and the survival of infectious agents, despite the production of “specific” antibodies against them.

The new drug

The new treatment developed has made it possible to discover that the elimination of “non-specific” antibodies that bind to gram-negative bacteria with the procedure allows the immune system response against these bacteria, preventing them from causing diseases, as has been presented in the scientific journal ‘Frontiers in Immunology’. Gram-negative bacteria are those most responsible for infections acquired within hospitalsparticularly in the ICUs, are very resistant to antibiotics, and there are no vaccines to prevent them.

This is the first time that it has been shown that can generate immunity against infections eliminating existing antibodies, without the need to produce new ones as vaccines do, which can be of great help for prevent infections for which the latter do not exist, such as those purchased in hospitals. For this reason, RemAb Therapeutics has designed a platform of polymeric conjugates using technology Hartful Antibody Removal Technology (HART) from which drugs have been generated that for the first time allow the elimination of specific antibodies within the human body.

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The drug in question is RA0127, that eliminates the “non-specific” antibodies that facilitate infections caused by gram-negative bacteria. After confirming the efficacy and safety of the new drug in different preclinical investigations, the Aemps has authorized the initiation of clinical trials with the new drug.

The drug is a ‘first-in-class-drug’ that uses a new mechanism of action and unique to prevent infections that are acquired in the hospital.

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