Fox breaks into dog café and trashes it, forcing it to close

A dog-friendly cafe in London was forced to shut down for repairs after a fox broke in and destroyed the property.

Employers of Pawsitive Cafe walked into work on the morning of October 15 only to find broken glass and tattered sofas. The initial thought was that someone broke in, the caption reads on the cafe’s TikTok video, which was posted to account @pawsitivecafe. But upon assessing the damage, they discovered a tiny, frightened fox in the back.

The team immediately left the cafe, contacting the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or RSPCA, to rescue the fox. They did not feel right releasing the fox back outside as it appeared to be injured.

Pictures of the damage a fox caused at Pawsitive Cafe in London and a stock photo of a red fox. The cafe closed its doors to customers to clean up after the fox break in.
@pawsitivecafe/Getty Images

Due to the excessive damage—broken glass, ripped sofas, bite marks, stained floors—the cafe located near the Notting Hill neighborhood was forced to shut down and cancel bookings for the time being.

“Rest assured, we are diligently working to reopen the cafe as soon as possible, so please bear with us as we undergo refurbishments,” the cafe wrote in the caption.

Despite the damage done, the cafe owner is remaining positive. In the updated clip, she wrote everything happens for a reason and believes this was a blessing in disguise.


More about the fox that destroyed the cafe! On Sunday morning, my team and I entered the cafe only to find broken glass, ripped sofas and more damage everywhere. Initially, we assumed it was a break-in but as we walked through the cafe we discovered a frightened lil fox hiding at the back. We immediately exited the cafe and contacted the RSPCA to rescue the fox, as we believed that it was injured due to breaking glass. The cafe is my very first business and was fostered by my love of my best friend, Domino the Dalmatian Dog, and having to build it from scratch, the cafe meant the world to me. Pawsitive Cafe is my baby, and it saddened me deeply to see how it came down to this. Nonetheless, I always believe that everything happens for a reason, and I’m choosing to view this incident as a blessing in disguise. I am incredibly grateful for all the love and support everyone has been sending to me and my team ❤️ We will be back soon and better and stronger than before ❤️ – Pawsitive Cafe Founder #fyp #foxattack #london #help #rebuildinghope #dogfriendly #pawsitive

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A dog-friendly London cafe shares the damages it received after a fox broke in.

“Terribly sorry about the cafe but seeing the blood prints everywhere has me feeling really bad for poor foxy. It must’ve been so frantically scared,” wrote one TikTok user under the name @oh_itscee. Another user commented in support and said, “I’m so sorry for what happened. It breaks my heart seeing this. Be strong and remember that brighter days are ahead. Come back stronger.”

Urban Foxes

Foxes have been documented in Britain’s southern urban areas since the 1930s due to the ideal new habitat and abundance of food during the interwar period. It is estimated that are about 430,000 foxes living in the U.K., according to the Natural History Museum.

In London alone, it is believed there are 10,000 foxes. These urban foxes can be found living in gardens, parks, and alleyways. Foxes will frequent gardens, especially if they found a steady food supply. While some residents enjoy the sight of foxes, others want to remove them from their gardens.

The RSPCA offers a few solutions to deter foxes from coming into someone’s garden, although these tips are not foolproof. Remove any access to food, keep garages and shed doors closed, and add fencing around the area a fox enters the garden. And like the team at Pawsitive Cafe did, it is best to call your local wildlife center for help rescuing an injured fox.

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