Keeler: CU Buffs coach Deion Sanders’ daughter Shelomi Sanders on “Saturday Night Live” spoof of Coach Prime? “They’re kind of getting him wrong”

BOULDER — Kenan Thompson? Genius.

Punchlines? Explosive.

Accuracy? Trying.

“It was good,” Shelomi Sanders, daughter of CU Buffs football coach Deion Sanders, told me Tuesday at the Events Center after I played her that “Saturday Night Live” sketch, the one featuring Thompson playing Coach Prime, for the first time.

“But then it’s like, ‘OK, they’re kind of getting him wrong.’”

In what way?

“Because the way that they were saying stuff is kind of like, all he cares about is ‘the show’, and stuff like that,” said the younger Sanders, a guard on the Buffs’ women’s basketball team. “That’s not him, though. It just comes (off) like that. That’s just what draws people in. But that’s not him.

“Yeah, it was funny, though. But they were good. They were good.”

Shelomi Sanders had heard about the Coach Prime bit, which was part of SNL’s “Weekend Update” segment, from friends ever since it aired last weekend.

But she hadn’t pulled it up until we watched it together Tuesday during CU’s winter sports media day.

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