Truck traffic restricted on part of Hamilton Pool Road

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Travis County officials announced Monday a new order that prohibits through truck traffic along a specific portion of Hamilton Pool Road, just west of Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Officials cited safety reasons as cause for the change. The restricted area runs from 2,740 west to 1,677 east of the Pedernales River crossing, depicted below.

Hamilton Pool Road through truck traffic restriction zone (Courtesy: Travis County)

Travis County officials led both engineering and traffic investigations in the restricted area before enacting the new order. Signs have been installed on Hamilton Pool Road to alert motorists of the change, per a Monday release.

The Texas Department of Transportation has also added signs on TxDOT-maintained roads that lead to Hamilton Pool Road, the release added.

“The safety of our constituents on Travis County roads will always be a priority for me and my colleagues on the Commissioners Court,” Travis County Commissioner Ann Howard said in the release. “I am hopeful this new safety measure to restrict truck access will help prevent tragic accidents and improve traffic congestion at the same time.”

The order is applicable to both motor vehicles or a combination of a motor vehicle and trailer “with six or more wheels used primarily for the transportation, loading, and unloading of material or property,” the release added.

Anyone who is found violating the order will receive a $150 fine, applicable to both regular and commercial vehicles, or a $200 fine if their disobedience of the order causes a crash, the release noted.

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