Sean Hannity defends efforts to pressure Jim Jordan opponents

In a Monday night segment, Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out at the “snowflakes” in Congress and the “media mob” in response to reports that his show had gotten involved in the efforts to elect a new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“I offer no apologies for doing my job and seeking answers from those elected public servants,” Hannity said during a segment of his Fox News show that aired at 9 p.m. on Monday.

Hannity was responding to mounting scrutiny over whether the cable news network and its staff are trying to influence how lawmakers vote for House speaker, a role that is second in line for the presidency after the vice president.

“Why is it a shock to certain lawmakers and members of the media mob –all of you out there – that yours truly, a member of the press, is daring to ask elected representatives, the so-called public servants in this country, if and when they plan to wrap up this speaker battle and reopen the People’s House amid growing chaos both at home and abroad,” Hannity said, addressing media reports stemming from an email shared by Axios reporter Juliegrace Brufke on Sunday.

Fox News host Sean Hannity on March 15, 2023 in New York City. Hannity fended off criticism on October 16 after he came under fire for over reports that his Fox News show has been asking moderate GOP lawmakers why they aren’t supporting Ohio congressman Jim Jordan for the role.
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The email, reportedly from a member of Hannity’s production team named “Stephanie,” was sent to some moderate House Republicans probing why they aren’t backing Representative Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, for House speaker.

Newsweek reached out via email on Monday night to representatives for Fox News and Jordan for comment.

The Hannity producer reportedly wrote in the email: “Sources tell Hannity that Rep xxxx is not supporting Rep Jim Jordan for Speaker. Can you please let me know if this is accurate? And, if true, Hannity would like to know why during a war breaking out between Israel and Hamas, with the war in Ukraine, with the wide open borders, with a budget that’s unfinished why would Rep xxxx be against Rep Jim Jordan for speaker? Please let us know when Rep xxxx plans on opening The People’s House so work can be done. Lastly, are there any conditions Rep xxxx will choose to work with Democrats on the process of electing a new speaker?”

Brufke posted on X, formerly Twitter, that some House Republicans are “growing increasingly irritated” by Jordan’s supporters trying to “pressure” them into voting for the congressman. Hannity

One House member told Brufke that Fox News’ Hannity show has “gotten involved in the efforts” to select a replacement for GOP Representative Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted from the speakership earlier this month, by questioning their reluctancy to support Jordan.

Jordan was chosen by the GOP on Friday as the party’s candidate to replace McCarthy after the previous selection, House Majority Speaker Steve Scalise, dropped out of the race when it became clear he wouldn’t amass the required votes on the House floor to earn the gavel. However, it appears that Jordan, a MAGA ally backed by former President Donald Trump, also doesn’t have enough support from his own party to achieve a 217-vote House majority.

The email from Hannity’s production team sparked a wave of backlash on social media, and in response, Hannity mocked the Republicans who are allegedly annoyed by his emails regarding the line of questioning on the speaker vote.

“I do have to chuckle that a few of my questions, simple questions, that I asked to some Republicans over the weekend about the importance of getting a speaker as soon as possible, showed we have a few sensitive little snowflakes in Congress,” Hannity said. “Here’s the truth, they are the majority, they need to act like it.”

Clips of Hannity’s comments were shared on X.

“Hannity describes his effort to pressure lawmakers to vote for Jordan as him doing his job as a member of the press and calls the members ‘snowflakes,'” acyn posted.

Hannity slammed House Republicans, who hold a slim majority in the lower chamber and urged them not to make deals with the Democrats.

“Elect a speaker, get the House open, and start doing your job,” he said.

Hannity also lashed out at the “media mob” for targeting him over “daring” to ask members of Congress if they plan to support Jordan.

“I am a member of the press whether you like it or not,” he said. “I am a talk show host on radio and TV. I could produce thousands of hours of television and radio coverage…That’s my job is to ask these questions so I can accurately report back to my listeners or my viewers what is happening.”

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