Man requests to adopt dog in shelter the longest with no meet and greets

A kind-hearted man has melted hearts after he made an unexpected request at a shelter in Canfield, Ohio.

Jarrod Kish walked through the doors of the Angels for Animals shelter and asked to adopt the dog that needed a new home the most. Little did he know he would soon become the hero of a dog named Jake.

After arriving at the shelter in January, the dog was a shadow of his former self and tied to a pole and alone. Over the course of a couple of months, Jake blossomed from timid and frightened into a beacon of trust, love, and resilience.

Rescue dog Jake with his new toy ready to go to his new home, left, and a picture of Jake with new owner Jarrod Kish ready to go home, right.
Angels for Animals

“Jake was found on the side of the road emaciated, covered in scratches and bites,” Sherry Bankey, Angels for Animals Manager told Newsweek. “The person who found him took him straight to her local Med Vet. He was only 37 pounds, skin and bones.”

From a shy dog huddled at the back of the kennel, he slowly regained his strength and weight, received his vaccines, and was neutered. But once he was cleared for adoption and moved out onto the adoption floor, he began to struggle with the reality of shelter life.

Despite the shelter’s best efforts, sharing Jake’s story on social media and appealing for new homes, there was no interest in adopting him.

“Then a man named Jarrod [who] came into our shelter wanting to adopt a dog who needed a home the most. Was this person the answer to our prayers? The answer is love at first sight,” said Bankey. “Jake brought him a toy and it was love on both sides.”

The shelter’s volunteers gathered to bid a tearful farewell to Jake as he embarked on his new chapter and Kish’s generosity was met with another surprise after Jake’s adoption was sponsored by Sharyn Thorpe of Goose Creek, South Carolina, as a tribute to her late mother, who had sponsored multiple adoptions.

Since his adoption, Jake has been surrounded by love and care.

“Jake and Jarrod are like long-lost buddies,” said Bankey. “Jake goes on walks in the local park and goes to work with his new dad every day. His first night was ice cream and new toys.”

Angels for Animals is a non-profit that relies on the support of the community, with 250 cats and kittens in foster care, 200 in the building itself, and 25 dogs currently in their care. The organization hopes that Jake’s story reminds people just how important adoption is for so many pets.

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