Jordan Klepper Gets Trump Supporters Tongue-Tied And Twisted On Their Own Words

“The Daily Show” is back on the air with its first new episode since the end of the five-month writers strike ― and naturally, that means correspondent Jordan Klepper is back to torment Donald Trump supporters outside of MAGA rallies.

Klepper noticed that Trump’s mug shot ― snapped after he surrendered to authorities in the Georgia election interference case ― has become “the new piece of must-have MAGA merch.”

But he couldn’t help but point out a big flaw in a supporter’s T-shirt featuring the mug shot along with the phrase “never surrender.”

“What is Trump doing here on this shirt? Klepper asked.

“This is his mug shot,” the supporter replied.

“Gotcha,” Klepper said. “So that was taken when he surrendered to authorities to have his picture taken.”

The Trump supporter was silent for five full seconds.

“Huh?” he finally replied.

Another Trump fan who was obsessing over President Joe Biden and allegations against his son, Hunter Biden, insisted that both “should be in jail” for treason.

“They’re taking money from other countries who we’re not really in favor of,” the man said.

Klepper agreed ― with a catch.

“It’s insane. The fact that you can have a member of your family get billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia is nuts, right?” Klepper said.

“Yeah!” the supporter replied.

“So you think Trump should be punished for all that money that Jared and Ivanka got,” Klepper added, referring to Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, who received a $2 billion investment from the Saudi government months after leaving the White House, where they both served as advisors to Trump.

The Trump supporter said that stash of cash didn’t bother him at all.

See those awkward exchanges and more, from outside a Trump rally last week, below:

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