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The former tennis number one, Roger Federer visited Shanghai where he received a new tribute and he also reviewed some moments of his career and talked about current events on the circuit for the ATP podcast.

Federer gave his opinion on the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz: “It’s great. As young as he is, everything he has achieved is fantastic. And not only on dirt or only on hard court. He also won Wimbledon against Novak in the final, which is no joke. He didn’t need to prove anything, but it’s a super asterisk on his resume. Very impressive,” said the Swiss.

And he revealed: “I think Carlos has done as well as he could so far. And he’s going to miss some time, like here in Shanghai, but he’s doing fantastic. He has a great game and obviously an incredible future ahead of him.”

Federer did not want to compare the Spaniard with the ‘Big Three’ (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) who have dominated world tennis in recent years. “Maybe there is a combination, but it is unfair to say it like that because Carlos is Carlos, as Novak is Novak and Rafa is Rafa. I don’t like it when there are too many comparisons. I like it when they are alone,” she explained.

When asked about Alcaraz’s resemblance to Nadal, he replied: “I don’t know if we are that different. I am very relaxed on and off the court, while he has incredible intensity. He was like a tiger in a cage, he walks around and there are always things for him to do. He always could tell he had a match on his mind“, said.

Carlos Alcaraz’s last appearances on the court were not entirely successful for the Spaniard. He fell in the semifinals of the US Open against Daniil Medvedev, which left him without the possibility of revalidating the title in New York, in addition to being ousted by Novak Djokovic from the first place in the ATP ranking.

In Beijing, he lost to Sinner in the semifinals; and in Shanghai against Dimitrov in the round of 16. This complicates his path in his goal of regaining first place before the end of the season.

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