New home construction to be accelerated in San Diego with SANDAG funds

SAN DIEGO — New funding from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) will support five initiatives to speed up home construction in the region.

According to the City of San Diego,$4.8 million is being allocated for these efforts through SANDAG’s Housing Acceleration Program.

Officials say the money will be used to support local governments, developers, tribal nations, and transit agencies to develop policies that will help quicken home production.

“This funding will help us build off the work we’ve done, and continue to do, to produce more homes, reach our climate goals and engage with the community about the importance of addressing our housing crisis,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “We are thankful to the state and SANDAG for recognizing and supporting our efforts to create homes that San Diegans can afford.”

The funding will go toward the following five City Planning Department initiatives:

Affordable Homes Development Impact Fee Assistance Pilot Program: The city says a $2.5 million capital grant will used in the form of fee waivers or fee reductions, as well as for the payment of Development Impact Fees for affordable homes within the city that meet certain criteria like closeness to public transit and job opportunities.

Affordable Home Development Master Plan: The city says $650,000 will help to provide a comprehensive plan to utilize city-owned property to develop homes for people of all incomes in all communities that are best served by transit and amenities. It will also reduce development costs and expedite home construction on public land, among other things.

Mid-City Communities Plan Update: The city says $650,000 will be used to develop a long-range vision for land use, mobility, urban design, public facilities and services, natural resources, historic and cultural resources, and economic development for the Mid-City communities.

Inclusive Public Engagement Guide: The city says $500,000 will help to create a framework to assure inclusive community participation on city plans, policies, projects, and initiatives. It will also be used to assist in creating a foundation for a meaningful public engagement program that provides guidelines for how city decisions consider input from community members.

Missing Middle Housing Design: This refers to townhomes, rowhomes, triplexes, fourplexes and small-scale multiple-home buildings that are built to the same scale as surrounding traditional single homes. The city says $500,000 will go toward designing guidelines to provide sample plans and layouts that could be incorporated into the development of these homes.

“The City Planning Department is committed to finding ways to accelerate the construction of new homes for San Diegans,” said City Planning Director Heidi Vonblum. “We are grateful for this funding, which will help us to comprehensively plan for more homes that families across San Diego can enjoy, thrive in and that they can afford – in areas served with good public transit and other vital public spaces and infrastructure.” 

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