Awkward! Pre-Divorce Hugh Jackman Pokes Fun at His Marriage in ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 7 Premiere

Hugh Jackman commands all the attention in the Season 7 premiere of Rick and Morty, in which, he pokes fun at his marriage of 27 years. But, the starry guest spot is mega awkward for one particular reason… Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness announced their separation in September.

The episode sees Rick confronting Mr. Poopybutthole, who has been staying with the Smiths ever since his wife and son left him, about his unacceptable behavior — which comes to a head when he has a drug dealer deliver his purchases to the house during family dinner.

Rick enlists Gearhead, Squanch, Birdperson, and a random sober guy to have a friend-to-friend talk — not an intervention — with the depleted man.

After a failed trip to a bar, Mr. Poopybutthole reveals that it’s his birthday, and the squad decide to take him out for a night on the town.

They journey to a crowded nightclub, where they meet Hugh Jackman, an eccentric version of the famed actor, voiced by himself. Now, Jackman’s cameo shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise as he plays a role in Hulu’s 2023 animated series Koala Man. Clearly, the X-Men actor is here to stay in the world of animation.

Throughout the episode, there are plenty of Jackman-related puns and references. Turns out, this Hugh is married to random sober guy’s cousin, making the actor his “wolver-in-law.” In the same sequence, Hugh says he has to take a “Hugh shit” and calls his house his “Jack-shack.” Honestly, we’re obsessed with this Hugh.

Photo: Adult Swim

However, things get a bit awkward when the squad arrive to Hugh’s house, which is loaded with drugs and alcohol. There, Hugh finds Mr. Poopybutthole gazing at a framed photo of him and his wife. “The best bloody day of my life,” Hugh says.

Mr. Poopybutthole responds,”My wedding day was pretty great too.” But, Hugh wasn’t referring to his wedding day — he tells him that he was actually talking about the Tony Award sitting on the mantle below the romantic picture. Umm, awkward, much? Thankfully, the episode quickly moves along when the crew decide to help Mr. Poopybutthole win back his wife, Amy, who has already moved on.

The sly comment may have not aged well, but the awkwardness fits right in place with the rest of the episode as the show always tends to toe the line. At least in this case, we can rightfully assume that they didn’t foresee the recent events happening. Hopefully Jackman can laugh this off, along with the rest of us!

Rick and MortSeason 7 premieres Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 11pm ET on Adult Swim.

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