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Taylor Swift hit theaters as one of the most anticipated releases of October and is already a great success that, in addition to the viral videos about her fans’ experiences in theaters, is also breaking box office records. The first numbers are being reported by deadlineand it is estimated that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour – 100% will raise US$37.8 million only for the screenings on Friday the 13th. However, the same media says that the cinema chain has assured that in reality it has obtained US$39 million from the sale of tickets for that day.

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If that amount is already impressive, now come the most interesting details: the film about the American artist’s current tour could become the best opening day at the North American box office during the month of October. Depending on how much it raises, of course, since the 2021 record was Venom: Carnage Unleashed – 45%, which obtained US$37.4 million, which occupies second place, while the first belongs to Joker for now – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour could surpass Joker's box office record at its premiere | The USA Print91%, which raised US$39.3 million. If placed at the lowest estimated figure, Taylor Swift He would occupy second place in this category, although we will have to wait to see if he ultimately dethrones the Joker.

Another record you could aim for Taylor Swift It is the highest grossing during the first weekend for a production in October. Joker It is the film that has the highest grossing October premiere of all time with US$96.2 million according to what is reported Jobloand it is a figure that The Eras Tour could surpass. Box Office Pro He says that thanks to a higher-than-usual average ticket cost (an estimated 40 percent more) it could have an impressive opening weekend.

Taylor Swift at the premiere of The Eras Tour (Image: IMDb)
Taylor Swift at the premiere of The Eras Tour (Image: IMDb)

It must be taken into account that in addition to the most common formats in cinema, a film like Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour could surpass Joker's box office record at its premiere | The USA Print100% has caused there to be a greater supply and demand for premium formats, clearly of a higher cost compared to other options. The fact that those special screenings are selling out could be an indicator of a strong release for the singer of hits like “All Too Well” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

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Although movie ticket sales have declined in recent years, it has been reported that this concert-turned-movie has managed to sell more than US$100 million in advance tickets. AMC reported that demand has been very good since the day it was announced Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and that this chain saw how the film broke the first day sales record with US$26 million.

How much will Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour raise?

As for itself Taylor Swift will be able to obtain the record for the highest grossing premiere in October, to surpass Joker by Todd Phillips, could be very possible according to projections. deadline indicates that it could make between US$90 million to US$109 million, but Box Office Pro dares to suggest that the film could make $131 million in its opening weekend at the North American box office.

At $90 million, the film industry would do nothing, but if The Eras Tour gets $100 million or more, it’s sure to raise questions. If it is on the first side of this range it will have to fight with superhero movies for the first place, but if it surpasses them by far it will be one of the few impressive premieres we have seen in 2023; In fact, it could be just the second highest-grossing release of the year, only behind Barbie – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour could surpass Joker's box office record at its premiere | The USA Print88%. In this way, the tape would also be Taylor Swift with a more successful debut by overcoming Valentine’s Daywhich earned US$56.2 million in its debut.

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