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Piper Laurie, the Oscar and Emmy nominated actress, who earned distinction in films such as Carrie – 48%, The Bold – 98% and Children of a Lesser Godas well as gaining cult status in the quirky mystery drama series Twin Peaks – 100%, died this October 14 at the age of 91. The information was confirmed by Joe Morgenstern, a retired American writer and film critic who was married to the actress between the years 69 and 80, who shared the news to indiewire.

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According to Los Angeles TimesLaurie died of old age according to what her manager said Marion Rosenbergwhich was confirmed to Associated Press via email, adding that he was “a magnificent talent and a wonderful human being.” His last performance in the cinema was in Game of Betrayal, a film that premiered in 2018, while on television he participated in an episode of the remake MacGyverin addition to being on the drama podcast between 2022 and 2023 around the sun with a leading role.

The actress originally from Detroit, Michigan arrived in Hollywood in 1949 as Rosetta Jacobs, her real name, and quickly landed a contract with Universal-International, but with a new name that she hated and a series of starring roles with Ronald Reagan, Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis, among others. Before acting she was very shy, but she knew that was what she wanted to do. To combat her shyness, her parents gave her weekly elocution lessons; She eventually landed minor roles at Universal Studios.

Piper Laurie as Margaret White in Carrie (Image: LitReactor)
Piper Laurie as Margaret White in Carrie (Image: LitReactor)

At age 15, she lied her way into an acting class in Hollywood and then landed her first role at age 17 when someone at that studio saw her. She thus began her career in one low-level film after another (via Guardian). In his first major role, Louise from 1950, she played the daughter of Ronald Reaganwhom she later dated in real life (he was more than 20 years older than her then).

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At one point in her career she was fed up and walked away from her $2,000-a-week contract in 1955, vowing not to work again unless she was offered a decent role. She later moved to New York, where she found the roles she was looking for in theater and live television dramas. She later received Oscar nominations for three different films: the drama The Bold (The Hustler) from 1961; the film version of the horror classic Carrie which adapted the novel by Stephen King, in 1976; and romantic drama Children of a Lesser Godin 1986.

Piper Laurie also shined on television

He also appeared in several acclaimed roles on television and theater, including in Twin Peaks – 100% David Lynch in the 1990s as the villain Catherine Martell. Her portrayal of a sawmill owner in this production earned her a Golden Globe in 1991 and two Emmy nominations. When Martell disappeared from the series’ history, Laurie’s co-stars assumed the actress had been written out of the series. She later resurfaced in the avant-garde show, unrecognizable, as Japanese businessman Tojamura, who was credited under the name Fumio Yamaguchi.

Got married with Joe Morgenstern, moved to upstate New York and became a full-time homemaker and mother. She became politically active and pursued her passion for sculpture, a hobby she continued into old age. When director Brian De Palma called her to propose taking on the role of the neurotic mother in his film Carrie, Laurie agreed to end her 15-year hiatus from acting, allowing her to revitalize her career in a way she surely never imagined. This return to acting brought Laurie appearances in iconic series such as Will & Grace, E.R., Frasier and The Twilight Zonein addition to nominations for the aforementioned awards.

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