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Taylor Swift is one of the most recognized celebrities around the world, and although she has been dominating the music industry for years, some hope that she will soon make the jump to movies. In fact, the singer already has some background as an actress in titles such as Valentine’s Day – 18%, Amsterdam – 23% and CSI, in addition to all the music videos she has released in her long career, but she seems more interested in what happens behind the scenes. Now that Swift is close to working on her first film, colleagues like Shawn Levy recognize her vision, talent and instinct, and the director of Deadpool 3 He did not hesitate to compare her with Steven Spielberg himself.

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Due to the connections and money that allowed her to obtain her first contract as a singer, Swift was highly criticized in the beginning and some insisted on seeing her as a teenager with privileges without much to offer in the big musical leagues. However, her voice, her stage presence and, above all, her ability to write meant that she was soon considered one of the biggest stars in this highly competitive industry. Regardless of how some have tried to minimize her impact by focusing on her private life, she has proven time and time again that her place is well deserved.

As the years went by, it became increasingly clear that Swift sought to improve herself in every way, and that is why she has set personal and work challenges that fuel all of her musical production. Although she participated in some films and series in supporting roles, the singer once mentioned that she was more interested in directing, so she hoped to take that step soon beyond her own videos. The idea was consolidated with the production of the music video/short film for “All Too Well” that she wrote and directed starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien.

Poster for the short film “All Too Well” (Source: IMDb)

“All Too Well” demonstrated Swift’s talent as a director

Many focused on the fact that the song supposedly talks about the relationship between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, but some left that aside to analyze what the singer was proposing on a visual level. Thanks to this, it did not take long for her to receive praise from the public and other creators, especially those with whom she had already worked before or with whom she herself has contacted out of admiration for her, such as Rodrigo Prieto or Guillermo del Toro. Swift continued to explore this role as a director with the videos for “Midnights,” “Anti-Hero,” and other singles from her latest album.

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Shawn Levy is sure Taylor Swift will become a great director

At the end of 2022 it was confirmed that Swift had already signed a contract with Searchlight Pictures to direct her first film with a script of her own. This news greatly divided the public, but for some it is a step forward in her career and she could well find a new place as a recognized director. Shawn Levybest known for Free Guy: Taking Control – Shawn Levy assures that Taylor Swift will be a great director and compares her to Steven Spielberg | The USA Print96% and the Stranger Things series – Shawn Levy assures that Taylor Swift will be a great director and compares her to Steven Spielberg | The USA Print98%, are very sure that the singer will deliver something exceptional thanks to her instincts. In interview with Entertainment Weeklythe director, screenwriter and producer who had a small role in the video for “All Too Well,” said:

Taylor hasn’t consulted me about her upcoming directorial projects, but I think she has the makings of an incredible director.

Spielberg was on the set of a movie that he produced and that I directed, called Steel Giants, and I said to him, ‘How do you know it’s the right take?’ His response was: ‘The way you see it, that makes it right.’ I feel like that’s something that Taylor Swift has figured out really well, because it’s about trusting your gut.

The director also said that Swift is one of those creative voices that are really necessary, but are very rare to find:

That list is short. Taylor, the depth of his vision for what he wants a creative piece to be, whether it’s a lyric, a melody, an interlude, a concert tour, a video, is profound. He is deeply vivid and she has the strength of her convictions.

Not much is known about the film that Swift is already planning, but since she always involves her fans in her creative projects at some point she will reveal details to create expectations, which from this moment are already very high among the public, either because of the admiration that some feel or the rejection that their move to the cinema provokes in them.

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