Meghan McCain says she doesn’t watch “The View,” but misses the show’s wardrobe team

In a recent interview with The Messenger, Meghan McCain speaks candidly about her life after departing from her position as co-host of “The View,” finding a way to diss the show and plug her new podcast in the same breath. 

Saying she doesn’t watch the show at all now because doing so would feel similar to looking at an ex-boyfriend’s Instagram, she furthers that she has little time in her life to watch content of that nature, but does miss their wardrobe team, remembering them as being “very kind.” Worth noting here that no one else from the show was described as such.

Making her point clear, she goes on to say that she’s been listening to a lot of podcasts. A perfect segue.

Under her new Citizen Cain Productions banner, she’s been readying her “Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat” podcast since leaving “The View,” and goes into the backstory there saying, “I was very resistant to do a podcast for a long time, it was an oversaturated market in a lot of different ways. But honestly, I had such a hard time finding political voices that really speak to me and with me.”

Detailing her hopes for the show, which premieres on October 17, she says, “I want people on [who] I don’t agree with too, that’s part of it. I always keep emphasizing with our booker that this is a deeply respectful space, and I am not here to make anybody uncomfortable or scream at them or get in fights in a way. You could have heated arguments that are respectful, but I’m not here to make a spectacle. And I hope the more episodes come out, people will see that.”


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