Despite freezing temps, DU students camp out for Pioneers hockey tickets

DENVER (KDVR) — The freezing temperatures did not stop students at the University of Denver from camping outside for a chance to get their hands on Pioneers hockey tickets.

Tents were set up around lunchtime Friday afternoon. That was when the sun was out and it was much warmer — overnight, Denver was expected to get its first freeze of the season.

Under the tents, coeds had their sleeping bags and blankets, just the supplies they would need to keep warm overnight. Dozens of tents were set up outside of the Ritchie Center on campus.

DU provided free meals to the students, with games to pass the time while they camped out.

Students pitched their tents on the University of Denver campus to hold their line for tickets to Pioneers men’s ice hockey games. (KDVR)

As soon as the sun started to set, a stiff breeze dropped temperatures at the campout. DU advised students to bring as many layers as they could to keep warm overnight.

“Sweatshirt, light jacket and then over that you snuggle up in your sleeping bag and stay warm for the night,” DU freshman Salvatore Proud said.

Most students told FOX31 they planned to tough it out and camp all night. But DU officials said students have the option of going home if they want to get out of the cold, and they’ll keep their spot in line.

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