Kickin’ It with Kiz: Bad football beating the Broncomania out of NFL’s most loyal fans

I am so over this Broncos team. You work so hard to get off the waiting list for season tickets, and I’ve had mine since 2016. We’ve stunk all eight seasons. I’m not even going to the games anymore.

James, Erie

Kiz: Broncomania isn’t dead yet, but during my 40 years covering sports in Colorado, I’ve never heard from so many local folks seeking a cure for their unhealthy addiction to the Orange and Blue. As your sports doctor, let me prescribe a spoonful of the sunshine that is Nikola Jokic. Apply ice to your pain by watching Cale Makar skate. Or maybe try a daily dose of Coach Prime. Never in the history of our fair state have there been so many better ways for fans to spend their time and dime than to waste emotional energy on a lost NFL team.

I woke up Thursday for the game against the Chiefs and put on one of my Broncos shirts. I work from home and didn’t have any on-camera meetings scheduled. But I changed my shirt only 10 minutes later, because I was embarrassed at the thought of the mere possibility one of my co-workers might see me in Broncos gear. This stinks.

J.M., Navy veteran

Kiz: As dawn rises on this NFL Sunday, what’s the best thing any local football fan can say? We don’t have to watch the Broncos lose today.

I cannot stand Sean Payton. He’s rude and mean and not a good football coach. The Broncos don’t feel like the Broncos to me anymore.

Leana, truth teller

Kiz: The knuckleheads here at Kickin’ It Headquarters admit when we’re wrong. We anticipated Sean Payton would display offensive genius that could match Mike Shanahan. All Payton has done so far is bring back bad memories of Josh McDaniels.

As bad as the Rockies are, they have had more winning records and been in the playoffs more recently than the Broncos. That hits me hard.

C.C.M.,  feeling orange and blue

Kiz: Read this and try not to weep. Since 2016, our Pet Rocks have lost 54% of their games. During the same time frame, your bad news Broncos have lost 62% of their games. Yikes!

We have had Broncos season tickets in my family for 62 years. I’m as disinterested as I’ve ever been. I was at the first Broncos playoff game ever and wonder if I’ve been at my last.

Michael, prayers up

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