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Colbie Caillat is best known for her pop hits like “Bubbly” and “I Never Told You,” but now she’s ditching pop for country. She’s dropping a brand-new country album, called “Along the Way,” that’s inspired by her recent life changes.

Colbie Caillat (singing): “The moment we found our favorite song.”

Singer Colbie Caillat is starting a new chapter with her debut country album, called “Along the Way.”

Colbie Caillat: “The music that’s coming out is just personal experiences and storytelling. I moved to Nashville seven years ago and started my country band with, you know, my fiancé at the time and two best friends, and it was just this really fun process, and then now, in the last few years, after my break-up and the band ending, I finally felt like writing songs again.”

The new music was inspired by the changes in her personal life, including her recent break-up with ex-fiancé Justin Young.

Colbie Caillat (singing): “Loving you is worth it.”

She even wrote about the relationship in a track called “Worth It.”

Colbie Caillat: “It’s a relationship that I love still, that I cherish, that I look back at and, you know, I was with him since I was like 23 years old, and he helped – he was the foundation of a lot of things in my life.”

Colbie Caillat (singing): “I’m never gonna let you down.”

Colbie also got the chance to work with her musical hero, country-rock artist Sheryl Crow, on the song “I’ll Be Here.”

Colbie Caillat (singing): “If you need someone to believe in, if you’re reaching for a hand to guide you home.”

Colbie Caillat: “She’s just such a pure talent. Her voice is just so calm and soothing and nostalgic. Everything is so perfect for what this meaning of the song is, which is, you know, being there for the ones you love.”

For Colbie, making the change to country music was simple.

Colbie Caillat: “I feel like, even being considered a pop artist felt interesting to me, because I think of myself as more of a singer-songwriter, and it’s always had this organic, acoustic, folk kind of feel to it, and so, I really feel like even my first album, ‘Coco,’ if you were to listen to it right now, it could be on the country radio.”

Colbie Caillat (singing): “Still gonna miss you.”

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