No credible threat following conversation between Skokie students about bomb and synagogue: cops

Police are monitoring social media posts a day after two students sparked a police probe by talking on social media about a bomb, Niles North High School and a synagogue in Skokie.

Though Skokie a police investigation found there was no credible threat in the conversation between the two Niles North high school students, officers in a statement thanked community partners who shared the information “in light of recent events, including the current conflict in Israel.”

The posts appeared Thursday on social media and police said they, along with local and national law enforcement partners, continue to watch social media activity, calling Friday a “day of mobilization.”

“There are no known, credible threats to Skokie or the Chicagoland area,” said police.

Anyone with information about this investigation should call Skokie police, 847-982-5900.

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