Sugarhouse Farms rolls out cannabis harvest

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — When there was a halt in cannabis retail licenses, that left many suppliers wondering whether or not there would be enough demand for their supply, but now that applications have resumed, Sugarhouse Farms is prepared to roll out their harvest to retailers. For the last five days, the farm has been busy harvesting.

“It’s really exciting for us because that’s the finish line,” Jake Davis, Lead Cultivator for Sugarhouse Farms, said. “It’s what we’re here for. Harvesting the final product- the flower. It’s fun, a lot of caffeine, and a lot of 12-15 hour days.”

And the team has been working hard. Davis says they’ve completed about 80 percent of their supply so far.

“You have to take really good care of these plants,” he said, “It starts with the soil, to plant care, to the energy you bring to the farm, and that will dictate your final product.”

Once the harvest has been dried, It will take at least a couple of weeks to create the final product. And Nick Polsinelli, Co-founder of Sugarhouse Farms, said they couldn’t be more ready.

“We’re looking forward to the state rolling out more licensees and more retailers coming to the market,” Polsinelli said. “So we can continue to provide high-quality products to New Yorkers across the state.”

Polsinelli also said that the farm plans to continue harvesting and is among those who filed for their Combination Tier 4 Cultivator License, allowing the farm to double their supply by next year. They are also applying for their Tier 3 Processing License, allowing the farm to continue manufacturing their pre-roll products and distributing them directly to licensed retailers.

As for the Office of Cannabis Management, the department has licensed 270 conditional cultivators, 40 conditional processors and distributors, and 23 conditional adult-use retail dispensaries to grow, distribute, and sell cannabis across New York.

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