Stephen Colbert Slams Nancy Mace With A NSFW Addition To Her ‘Scarlet Letter’ Shirt

“I’m wearing the scarlet letter after the week that I just had, last week, being a woman up here and being demonized for my vote and for my voice,” said Mace, who referred to the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel where an unmarried woman becomes pregnant out of wedlock and wears a scarlet letter as punishment.

“Okay, that’s a no, no, that’s not – the ‘A’ just does not make sense, unless you see the guy she was standing next to,” Colbert quipped as he tossed to an edited image of Mace standing next to someone with a ”-hole” shirt.

He later launched into another dig at Mace, comparing her look to that of one popular musical rodent.

“She looks way less Hester Prynne and way more Alvin Chipmunk,” he joked.

You can catch more of Colbert’s monologue in the clip below.

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