Road repair projects continue in these San Diego areas

SAN DIEGO — As roads continue to be repaired across San Diego, city officials announced Wednesday that crews will start resurfacing streets as early as this week in some areas.

Over the next three weeks, streets in and around Valencia Park, University Heights, Hillcrest, Ridgeview and Emerald Hills will be resurfaced as part of the Transportation Department’s ongoing Slurry Seal Project.

To explain that further, slurry seal is the application of a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, very small crushed rock, and additives to an existing asphalt pavement surface to help preserve and protect the underlying pavement structure. It also provides a new driving surface.

Slurry seal is often completed in phases over several days or weeks. The city says multiple slurry seal projects are happening across San Diego simultaneously.

Through the month of October, the following roads will be resurfaced as part of this project:

  • Vermont Street 
  • Richmond Street  
  • Georgia Street 
  • Florida Street 
  • Alabama Street 
  • Dwight Street 
  • Louisiana Street 
  • Pennsylvania Avenue  
  • Texas Street 
  • Dwight Street 
  • Arizona Street 
  • 60th Street 
  • Arnold Avenue 
  • Nile Street 
  • Vancouver Avenue  
  • Trojan Avenue 
  • Posey Place 
  • Hixson Avenue 
  • Nile Street 
  • Esther Street 
  • 56th Street 
  • Madison Avenue 
  • Bayview Heights Drive 
  • Fairmount Avenue 
  • Rexford Drive 
  • Trailing Drive 
  • Home Avenue 
  • Cordrey Court 
  • Federal Boulevard  
  • Crenshaw Street 
  • Tulip Street 
  • Westgate Place 
  • 39th Street 
  • Messina Way 
  • Vista Horizon Street 
  • Prairie Mound Court 
  • Olvera Avenue 
  • S. 58th Street 
  • Trinidad Way 
  • Las Flores Trail 
  • Churchward Street 
  • Prairie Mound Way 
  • Catania Street 
  • Trinidad Way 
  • Los Alamos Drive 
  • San Onofre Trail 
  • Glencrest Drive 
  • Palmwood Drive 

A map of street repair and other projects in your neighborhood can be found on the city’s interactive Project Finder map. 

More information about different types of street repair can be found on the Transportation Department’s webpage. 

According to city officials, “preventing the deterioration of streets is vital to improving the overall condition of San Diego’s network of roads.”

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