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It is a colorful world out there, but there are some colors we can’t see with our own eyes … like our auras. Now you can learn more about your aura and even get pictures of it. Can’t be any worse than your driver’s license photo, right?

Forget a psychedelic trip. All you need to do to see colors this weekend is get your aura photos taken.

The metaphysical shop Qunubus is hosting a three-day aura photography event.

Ilena Romero: “On this three-day event, it’s for everyone to come in, they can take their aura photo. It’s going to teach them what energy they’re putting out into the world, and for them to grow spiritually.”

Your aura is the energy frequency your body gives out that we can’t see with the naked eye, but in simpler terms…

Atena de Jong: “You can think of the aura as kind of a snapshot of where you are on your soul’s journey.”

The only way to see it is with special equipment that takes a picture of your aura.

Atena de Jong: “I have a sensor that reads the palm of your hand, takes those energies and feeds that information to a computer that translates it to a color and superimposes it on a picture.”

Then you have a colorful pic to share.

Atena de Jong: “The colors themselves have different energies. For instance, yellow represents joy and happiness, where red is the intensity and passion. I usually like to see about three colors or less in your aura.”

You can even have a rainbow aura.

Atena de Jong: “You can definitely have a rainbow of colors, Usually, unless you have red in the center, and you have a rainbow of colors, you’re very overwhelmed.”

Even babies and pups are also welcomed to get a snapshot of their energy, too.

Atena de Jong: “I give them an actual reading based on their aura, so they are learning deep truths about themselves. They’re getting clarity about which direction to move.”

Onyx Nobunaga: “It was very insightful. It was a lot of what I thought I was feeling for the past few months, so hearing it from a professional was, like, really reassuring.”

Ilena Romero: “Aside from getting your aura photos taken, you can come in and purchase some crystals and go through our sage collection, our incense, anything that’ll help you spiritually.”

12395-2 Pembroke Road
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

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