Woman launches sust. shoe line, sourced & made in Mexico

CHICAGO — Vanessa Arroyo loved fashion, even studied design at Colombia College in Chicago, but knew nothing about shoes. But that was the first job she was offered when she arrived in New York City with a one way ticket looking to live her fashion dream.

Thanks to mentors, Arroyo learned on the job how to design footwear for the top brand Rag and Bone.

She loved the fashion world in the Big Apple, but after six years, she yearned for more. By then she was in love with shoes, and went to Guanajuato, Mexico to learn how to make them. Little did she know that trip would also mean a personal transformation for her and a deeper understanding of her Mexican ancestors.

Last May, she launched her own brand of footwear called “Seres” that is sourced and made in Mexico. She is proud of her sustainable, fashion forward shoes but even more of the fact that it represents who she is and where she comes from. 

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