WATCH: WA Parents Beat Naked Man Accused of Trying to Touch Kids

A man was recorded walking naked through the aisles of a Seattle-area department store as several adults tried to corral him.

The group of adults were reportedly parents who eventually attacked the man they accused of attempting to touch children, the New York Post reported.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident happened at a JCPenney store in Tukwila, a city south of Seattle, Washington.

In the video footage, the naked man is seen being confronted by another man wearing a brown jacket, light-colored pants, and a tan-colored hat.

Moments later, another man, wearing a striped shirt, follows the pair deeper into the store as the naked man walks backwards, apparently trying to escape:

“We’re on the men’s floor in the kid’s… well in the kid’s department,” a person behind the camera says, adding, “He’s like, holding a kid.”

Moments later, the naked man tries to make a run for it as the other men chase him down. He then grabs a pair of pants in an effort to cover himself. A man in a black shirt then makes contact with him and the two begin fighting.

“Come on y’all, let’s get him!” the man in the black shirt shouts. At one point, two men are seen apparently holding the naked man down as the man in the black shirt punches him.

Voices in the background are heard telling the group, “Enough!” as the clip ends.

Social media users had a lot to say when commenting on the Post‘s story about the incident.

“Remember when a trip to JCPenney’s involved your mom checking in at the catalog counter, maybe trying on some clothes, checking in on the latest electronics before heading to the food court in the mall for some Orange Julius? WTF happened?” one person stated.

“He was shopping for pants,” another user replied.

Journalist Jonathan Choe reported the incident happened at Southcenter Mall.

“Tukwila PD confirms incident happened Sunday October 1. Calling it someone in mental crisis. Detained and taken to hospital,” he said.

Breitbart News has covered extensively violent incidents happening in Seattle and nearby areas.

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