Murray: Make way for the new sex ed Puritans

Boston taxpayers, parents, and students are under siege by progressives — the new Puritans.

On Wednesday, the state Legislature will debate a radical sex education mandate bill. On Beacon Hill, they call it the Healthy Youth Act.

Gov. Maura Healey has pledged support for the bill, so it looks as if the skids are greased. If passed, the legislation would mandate any district that teaches sex education must adopt the content endorsed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. These DESE standards were cooked up by some of Charlie Baker’s appointees and voted through by Healey’s state education board.

These awful guidelines were crafted in part by Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion and sex change hormones in Massachusetts.

Across the country, taxpayers, students, moms, and dads attend school board meetings demanding an end to similar corrosive curricula. The theme of their activism is that they refuse to co-parent with the government. They seek an end to government actors promoting books and teaching plans with graphic sexual content that groom children to adopt gender ideology and explore themes of sexual identity.

Decorum limits what I can relay to Herald readers, but the titles that are at the base of this brouhaha are telling in themselves. Prepare to be shocked, and Google these titles: “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy.”

More specifically, the DESE content will teach students as young as second grade to explore their genitalia. It will tell third through fifth graders that they can change their gender. Grades six through eight will explore their readiness for sexual activity. By grade 12, students are expected to promote gender ideology and diverse sexualities.

The Boston Public Schools have embraced these books and under the leadership of Mayor Michelle Wu, they’ll surely adopt this new radical sex ed. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Boston public school classroom not bedecked with some sort of rainbow or transgender banner.  There is such a rush and energy to implement every progressive fad and fashion on the students of Boston, that one retired teacher called it “zeal.”

Reading scores remain deplorable, and despite the taxpayers and parents of Boston voting overwhelmingly for an elected school committee Mayor Wu and her disciples continue to slow-walk the process while they dismantle what remains of reading, writing, and arithmetic in favor of feelings, guilt, hormones, and rage against the machine. Sadly, only 33% of Boston public schools currently read on grade-level proficiency.

We need a patron saint of resistance, and I offer, from the court records of 1859, Thomas J. Wall, a 10-year-old student at the Eliot School in Boston. Young Tom had internalized the catechism lessons from his home and Saint Mary’s in the North End (razed in 1978). Thomas could not be moved when the teacher, McLaurin F. Cooke, demanded the lad recite the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and other passages of scripture in accordance with Protestant forms. Young Wall refused. It was charged and at no time denied that Wall proceeded to take a 35-minute beating with a rattan cane from Cooke.

Court testimony also recollects that Wall acted with dignity and without tears throughout the savage beating and collected himself several times to stop the assault and inform the teacher that he acted as he did only after consultation with his father and his priest. Wall also repeatedly told the schoolmaster during the attack that he would gladly recite the prayers and passages in a form consistent with his conscience. This was not considered an adequate response and the sadistic thrashing continued.

Court records show a defense attorney given to excessive oratory playing to the unconcealed bias of the judge who repeatedly mocked the brogue of Thomas Wall’s father, a laborer on Boston’s wharves. If you are familiar with Boston courts, I don’t need to tell you that Cooke was acquitted of all charges. What became of Thomas J. Wall is lost to history. Wall’s example, however, still stands for Boston students and all school children under the zeal of progressives. Be true to your conscience, kids. Tommy Wall, pray for us.

Lou Murray is Chairman of Ward 20 Republican Committee of West Roxbury, and Chairman of Boston Catholic Radio 1060AM.  He is a frequent contributor to the Boston Herald and tweets on X at @LouisLMurrayJr1

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