Former NFL player Sergio Brown to be charged with first-degree murder after mother found dead

(WGN) – Former NFL player Sergio Brown will be charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of his mother, according to officials in Illinois.

Myrtle Simmons-Brown, 73, was discovered dead in a creek behind her home, in Maywood, Illinois, on Sept. 16. Police said Brown lived there as well.

Last month, Maywood police stopped short of naming Brown as a person of interest, but said they would like to talk to him. At the time of Simmons-Brown’s discovery, both Brown and his mother were originally classified as missing persons.

A photo of Myrtle Simmons-Brown (Courtesy: Christian A. Conway)

Brown is a former safety for Notre Dame who played seven seasons in the NFL.

A few days after Simmons-Brown’s body was found, videos of Brown surfaced on social media, where he appeared to be outside of the United States.

In one of the videos, Brown claimed to have been kidnapped twice, while in another he appeared to be laughing, while surrounded by messages from the movie “Finding Nemo.”

Brown has been in U.S. custody since Tuesday in San Diego after re-entering the country from Mexico. A warrant was issued for his arrest, according to police.

He is awaiting extradition from San Diego and will be charged with first-degree murder, Maywood police said.

Family shared a letter with Nexstar’s WGN last week demanding an update on the case and justice for Simmons-Brown — a woman they described as being a “beautiful, loving and inspirational soul.”

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