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The Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) does not give up its desire to recover the points lost after the TAS ruling and is developing a new strategy to equalize the contest in the South American Qualifiers.

The FEF once again appealed the determination of the CAS, taking the sports ruling to the ordinary courts.

The Ecuadorians’ plan is to return those 3 ‘lost’ points, in their eagerness to begin adding units that will help them climb the table towards the planetary event that will be held in North America.

Ecuador “has proceeded as required by law, that is, hiring a lawyer with Swiss registration so that he can exercise the right to countersue.”

It should be noted that just a couple of months ago, the ‘questioned’ player, Byron Castillo, filed an appeal for annulment of his charges, an action that was rejected by the Swiss Court.

Ecuador is accused of having falsified Byron Castillo’s nationality document.
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Byron Castillo case

Ecuador seeks to fight and goes to the last consequences to be on par with the rest of the teams in Conmebolafter the subtraction of points they suffered after the chaos unleashed by the Byron Castillo case.

Remember that the ‘controversial’ case of the side translated into the subtraction of 3 points for the ‘Tri’ in the Qualifiers towards the 2026 World Cup, a fact that forced them to start the South American contest with -3 units.

Ecuador fell on the first day of the Qualifiers against Argentinawhile on the second date they removed the thorn in their side and gave Uruguay a painful and ‘controversial’ defeat.

After the emotional boost of the victory against the Uruguayan team, the Ecuadorian Football Federation has returned to the fray to try to recover those 3 points with which they were punished before the start of the dispute in Conmebol heading to the new planetary event.

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