Keeler: Ex-Broncos tackle Billy Turner on Nathaniel Hackett, Sean Payton, Broncos Country? “They just got some stuff to figure out.”

Nathaniel Hackett 31, Sean Payton 21.

Vic Fangio 70, Sean Payton 20.

Josh McDaniels 17, Sean Payton 16.

Make it stop.

Man, I’ll betcha Vance Joseph ’18 wishes he could get a crack at Vance Joseph ’23. I mean, why should all the other disgraced, shamed former Broncos coaches have all the fun right now?

Frank Filchock just rolled over in his grave. Then he grabbed a clipboard.

Make it stop.

Seriously, Billy Turner. Make. It. Stop.

“You know what?” Turner, the former Broncos offensive tackle, told me before he packed up his locker late Sunday and joined his New York Jets teammates on the bus back to sanity.

“They’ve got some great players on this (Broncos) team. This is a good football team. Those years that I was here (and the) years I haven’t been here, it’s always been a good football team with special players. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t able to win (in Week 5), but that’s not to say they don’t have a good football team and they don’t have a lot of things in the tank.

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