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The Exorcist: Believers – 20% is not looking to change the genre like the original did, but it is looking to create something strong to launch a new trilogy in the footsteps of Halloween – 92%, and David Gordon Green believes he is following the right path to take advantage of, modify and add to the canon of these classics. One of the key points is to bring back the cast when possible, which has made many wonder whether or not Linda Blair will be part of these projects. That’s why the director revealed some details about how the ending was filmed and what it could mean for the next film and Regan’s character.

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There is a before and after of The Exorcist – The Exorcist: Believers | director answers if Linda Blair will participate in the sequels - The USA Print | The USA Print87%, and the film added trends to the genre that did not exist at all. In addition to terrifying several generations, the premise allowed us to put on really chilling scenes that since their premiere were quite controversial because they happen to a little girl, but it also allows us to put on the table topics such as faith and the need to believe despite everything, which which makes the film something much deeper and worthy of analysis than other horror films of that time.

As always happens in this medium, the production company decided to exploit the plot to the fullest and released several sequels, but none really made a big impact. What the executives did decide was that the film would never get a reboot, but inventive sequels could be developed under certain guidelines as with the series. The Exorcist, whose first season was a continuation of the original. After the success of Halloweenthe director had an idea with the same approach for this canon and Blumhouse took on the task of buying the rights to ensure a trilogy.

The Exorcist: Believers (Source: IMDb)
The Exorcist: Believers (Source: IMDb)

The Exorcist: Believers sets up the return of the MacNeil family

Instead of bringing Pazuzu back, The Exorcist: Believers prefers to propose a new story within the same universe and although we do not know how the sequels will work, many fans hope that Chris MacNeil, played by Ellen Burstyn, will become a key piece for the development of the story from now on and despite her short participation in this proposal, especially because many want to see once again Linda Blair Like Regan.

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In this film it is explained that the relationship between mother and daughter deteriorated after Chris published a book about what happened in The Exorcist. Since Regan did not want to be remembered only for that event in her life and her mother intended to become an expert on the subject, they both went their separate ways. Long time, David Gordon Green He explained that although Blair was not part of the story, he had been close to the production because they asked him for advice to deal with the most sensitive issues of the possession of the young protagonists.

Will Linda Blair participate in the sequels?

If you still don’t see The Exorcist: Believers You should stop reading at this point, as we will address a very important spoiler. At the end of the film we see that Chris is being treated in a hospital after losing her eyes during her first confrontation with the demon of this story and Regan unexpectedly arrives to be by her side in a moving reunion. In interview with Entertainment Weeklythe director explained how they convinced Blair to come back for the scene and how they secretly filmed it:

Linda was there and hadn’t seen Ellen in many, many years. To me, the beauty of the scene is that there were maybe five people in the world who knew what was about to happen.

It was never in the script. I told Ellen that Linda had agreed to do it and that they were going to meet. It was just something that felt good to her and Linda felt comfortable with. She entered and the moment was shared by the surprise of the crew. The cameraman was crying, he didn’t know what was happening! The moment you see Linda kneel down and take her hand is the first time they have communicated in many, many years. It was the first take.

David Gordon Green He said that as soon as his idea for the film was approved, he contacted Blair to assure her that he wanted to be her friend, something that did happen and allowed him to seek her help to protect the integrity and peace of mind of the leading actresses. Although she didn’t want to be part of the sequel, she did want to see him again. Ellen Burstyn so he gladly agreed to film the cameo. Now the question is whether she will return with a more important participation in the next films, something that the creator does not see as possible, because whenever he talks about the subject she simply laughs and does not respond:

So, I’m not sure. I mean, I know we had a good time, I know she speaks highly of the experience, and I have endless ideas about where we could go.

Although The Exorcist: Believers was destroyed by critics, the box office numbers will always be more important so if it manages to establish itself during this weekend and does not fall in the following days, then it will have good income that will justify the following films that, it is said, should be made by contract even if they all result in failure for the company.

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