Average First Freeze Dates; Potentially impressive rainfall totals later this week



There is the potential for some impressive rainfall totals through next Sunday evening. 

Both the European and the GFS models forecast totals that top more than 2.5″.  The GFS is likely too high, but strange things can happen, and we will have watch out for the potential for flooding if several bands of rain set up shop over the same areas.  Check out the graphic below from the Weather Prediction Center.  You get into the bright red and that’s 3″ of rain.  We aren’t married to any of the numbers from the two computer models, but they show that it could get very wet.

Autumnal “Harvest Sunsets”

This time of year, we can get some stunning sunsets. The graphic explains why sunsets are reddish. Basically, the light must travel through more of the earth’s atmosphere.  Shorter wavelength colors, like blue, are scattered away from our eyes, leaving the longer wavelength colors, like red and orange. Then you get into harvest time, there’s an abundant amount of dust the farmers put into the air which causes those fire ‘harvest sunsets’.

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