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The web pages, social networks and applications that we use on our mobile phones are constantly evolving and improving, with the aim of not only offering a quality service to users, but also protecting them against the threats of cyberattacks that proliferate on the Internet. .

This is also the case of Gmail, Google’s email, which this year has implemented an account verification system similar to that offered by social networks such as Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). This is a blue tick that appears next to the email sender, indicating that it is a verified account, that the sender owns the email address, and the brand logo.

For this reason, Gmail verification is limited to business emails and is not available – at least for now – for private users. In this way, the objective is that the recipients of any email can know exactly if its content is legitimate and reliable, in order to avoid spam and cyberattacks.

How to get email verification in Gmail

To determine that an email is verified, Gmail uses different systems with which to verify the reliability and authenticity of the sender. All of them can be consulted and requested in the Gmail Help Center, in the Google Email Configuration section.

The first requirement to qualify for Gmail verification is to be subscribed to its BIMI (brand indicators for message identification) system. This is a Gmail standard that allows email senders to use their brand logo in emails. The goal is for email recipients and email security systems to have greater confidence in the origin of the emails.

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On the other hand, it is necessary to obtain the VMC verified brand certificate. This is a digital certificate issued by a certificate authority that proves to Google that the company owns the logo it uses in its emails.

Finally, you need to comply with the DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) standard, a standard that helps Gmail’s security systems filter and separate real messages from potentially forged ones.

Once all the relevant documentation is submitted, Gmail proceeds to carry out checks on the verified emails and, if these checks pass, it shows the logo of the verified brand on the sender.

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