Black Lives Matter vigil interrupted by attempted robbery

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Congress Park was meant to be filled with those celebrating Darryl Mount’s life. An attempted robbery at the Ben & Jerry’s on Phila Street bringing a quick end to the Saratoga Black Lives Matter (BLM) vigil.

That scene causing Lexis Figuereo and other organizers to worry. “A bunch of cop cars coming down the street. Whizzing down to the next door spot, which is Ben & Jerry’s. It didn’t feel like it was going to be safe for the people coming later.”

Darryl Mount’s life has been frequently honored in the BLM community. Figuereo says police brutality being stopped starts with conversations continuing no matter how much time passes. “Young man who was killed due to his injuries after a run in with the police in 2013. August, 31. It has to be shined a light upon in order for people to see what’s going on around us,” described the executive director.

Public Safety Commissioner of Saratoga Springs, Jim Montagnino, explained that a civil lawsuit began in 2014 and still ongoing. During his time in office, Montagnino has looked through public domain records on the case. “I issued a 37-page report that showed that while Mr. Mount’s death was tragic, it was in no way related to police misconduct.”

The group will be back in Congress Park Monday for the city’s black flea market. The event will feature speeches on Mount, poetry, and vendors.

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