Charges filed against SF city employees for bribery

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Ever since the arrest of San Francisco Public Works director Mohammed Nuru back in 2020, federal prosecutors have been busy weeding out corruption at San Francisco City Hall.

Now, San Francisco’s district attorney is doing the same, charging a city employee and a former member of then-mayor Gavin Newsom’s staff with a variety of corruption charges including bribery.

“We have a job to enforce all laws in the city and county of San Francisco regardless of who breaks them,” said SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

At a news conference Thursday, Jenkins announced felony bribery charges against Lanita Henriquez, the director of San Francisco’s Community Challenge Grant Program, and Rudolph Dwayne Jones, the founder and president of RDJ Enterprises.

“In this situation, someone was being awarded San Francisco city contracts because he was paying off a city employee. That is illegal and it can’t be tolerated in the city,” Jenkins said.

Court documents allege Henriquez received checks totaling more than $32,000 from Jones’ companies. Her family members received more than $156,000 from Jones’ companies — some of which was also passed on to Henriquez.

In return, the district attorney alleges Henriquez entered into 23 city contracts totaling more than 1.4 million dollars with Jones’ companies or organizations associated with him.

“She received a bribe,” Jenkins said of Henriquez. “He is who gave the bribes so they violate the same penal code sections or government code sections but in different ways.”

The district attorney alleges this pay-for-play illicit activity went on from 2016 to 2020. Henriquez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Jones is due to be arraigned Friday morning at the district attorney’s office.

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