Kellyanne Conway: Biden Won’t Debate GOP Nominee

Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle” that she did not think President Joe Bidenwouldl debate the eventual Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said, “The problem what you want as Republicans to get almost 82-year-old Joe Biden next year on the stage. And if the precedent is set, Donald Trump didn’t debate so why should I?”

Host Laura Ingraham said, “That’s fascinating. I hadn’t thought about that. Kellyanne, do you predict that Joe Biden will or will not debate whoever the Republican nominee is next year, yes or no, will he?”

Conway said, “No he won’t. They won’t let him out there. They hardly let him out there at all. We don’t see much of him.”

Ingraham said, “I agree.”

Conway said, “And maybe that also means Kamala doesn’t have to debate, which they would want to avoid also because she battles the teleprompter everyday and the teleprompter wins. She doesn’t put in the work. I can’t imagine her debating another human being on policy and substance and her record, but that would be terrible. I believe debates are part of the democratic process. We the people deserve to see the voters debate each other free of charge.” \

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