Huge bear breaks into apartment, no one can believe what it does next

A California resident has described the shock he felt after discovering a bear had broken into his apartment, leaving a Goldilocks-style trail of destruction.

In the fairy tale that’s been told to countless generations, Goldilocks enters the forest home of a family of three bears while they’re away. She eats their porridge, breaks one of their chairs and tries out their beds, before falling asleep. When the bears eventually return, she makes a quick escape.

There’s never been a sequel to the fairy tale, but the real-life story that unfolded at the Kings Beach property in California might be about as close as we’re ever likely to get.

Brian was shocked to see the bear in his apartment. But what came next was even more shocking.

Back in July, Brian, who rents an apartment, was out making the most of the sunshine when he heard a ping go off on his phone.

“It was a beautiful morning on Lake Tahoe, and I was out enjoying a boat ride with my best friend and his family. Around 11:30 a.m., I received a notification from my Ring motion camera that was positioned in my living room,” he told Ring.

“I waited about 3 minutes for the video to process, and then I looked and was shocked to see a large bear present in my living room.”

In the video shared with Newsweek by Ring, the black bear can be seen sniffing around the living room of the apartment. Soon enough, however, the animal would start making himself comfortable.

Though they range in color, and bears like this one can appear brown, black bears are the only species of bear in California, with an estimated population of between 25,000 and 35,000 across the state.

Capable of weighing as much as 500 pounds and sprinting at up to 35 mph, the U.S. Forest Service notes that while black bears “seek to avoid confrontation” with humans, it’s crucial, in any encounter, to “always leave them an escape route.”

“Bears that are accustomed to people can become too bold and lose their fear of humans,” it warns. “To avoid this behavior, do not let bears become habituated to human sources of food.”

In this case, Brian notified his landlord, who happened to be upstairs, that there was a bear in his unit. He then told the property manager who was close by and eventually stumbled on something akin to a Goldilocks-in-reverse story.

“He slowly walked up to the window where it had broken the screen and gotten through, and peeked in,” Brian told Ring. “He then saw that the bear was sleeping on my bed! He started making loud noises and the bear popped up and climbed back out and ran off.”

It’s unclear what exactly drew the bear to the property. He may have been foraging for food or perhaps he caught the scent of something in particular. What is clear, however, is that the mess he left behind was one worthy of Goldilocks herself.

“We slowly walked up to the front door and went in cautiously, and discovered the mess the bear had left, which consisted of a pile of peanut shells and garbage on the floor,” Brian said.

“The bear fortunately did not get into my refrigerator or freezer and did not poop or pee inside either! He did destroy an OLED TV that was in my bedroom, and also my comforter and sheets as well as some scratches on a dresser.”

Brian said that the bear has already been back to the complex for a nose around, but it has not re-entered his apartment. The window, TV and bedding are all being replaced. Brian, however, is still stunned by it all and has been left wondering what might have unfolded if he had not had a security camera in place.

“Who knows what might have happened!?” he said. “He could have just crashed out on my bed unnoticed and I would have walked in on him!! Oh God, the thought!!”

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