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Kannada cute grandmother Nandita Shweta became known on the Telugu screen through the movie Kaderi Potavu Chinnavada in Tollywood.. This cute grandmother got good success in her first movie and then acted in many successful flop movies. Recently, she came before the audience with a movie called Hidimba. Ee Mutdu Gumma, who romanced Ashwin in this, was more impressive.. This movie received positive talk and received good success in OTT as well.

Apart from movies, Nandita Shweta continues to make noise on social media as well. She always mesmerizes the boys with hot photo shoots. Nandita is feasting her eyes on the latest bride getup. It seems that Nandita has become a bride for a bridal photo shoot. She has also been running a YouTube channel for some time now

She used to share her bridal photos and videos on these channels. Nandita is really made of Bapu’s doll with golden saree.. If you look at her looks, it seems that the netizens also get the feeling that she is really a bride. Currently, these photos are becoming viral on social media.

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