Phillies’ Nick Castellanos homers on anniversary of Thom Brennaman apology homer

Three years ago Saturday, Thom Brennaman gave sports broadcasting’s all-time worst apology … as there’s a drive into deep, uh, left field by Nick Castellanos and that’ll make it a 3-3 ballgame?

Yes, really.

Exactly three years after launching a deep drive to right field to put the Reds ahead 4-0 right as Brennaman was apologizing for using an anti-gay slur — giving rise to a meme that has persisted through today — Castellanos homered on the anniversary.

This time he hit a three-run shot to left, tying a Phillies-Nationals game that turned into a 12-3 Philadelphia rout.

Brennaman still hasn’t returned to a broadcast booth after he referred to Kansas City with an anti-gay slur, but his apology lives on in infamy.

Nick Castellanos loves to hit homers on Aug. 19.
USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

“I made a comment earlier tonight that I guess went out over the air that I am deeply ashamed of,” Brennaman said. “If I have hurt anyone out there, I can’t tell you how much I say from the bottom of my heart that I am so very, very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos, that will be a home run, and so that will make it a 4-0 ballgame.”

Not only did Castellanos homer again on the anniversary, but he’s developed an uncanny knack for interrupting somber moments with big hits.

Thom Brennaman
Thom Brennaman’s apology was ruined by Nick Castellanos on Aug. 19, 2020.

A year after the Brennaman incident, he homered while a Royals broadcaster was eulogizing George A. Gorman, the father of longtime Royals equipment manager Pat Gorman.

And last year, while Phillies play-by-play man Tom McCarthy was discussing the team’s Memorial Day tribute, he did it again.

At least Saturday, no one was having a serious conversation before Castellanos hit one out.

The Phillies hold the first wild card spot entering Sunday’s MLB Little League Classic in Williamsport, Va., and are 3 1/2 games clear of a playoff spot.

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