Elgin ISD turns to Spain to fill teacher vacancies

ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) — Students are back in the classroom once again at Elgin Independent School District.

Teachers, like Maria Gallego, are busy learning a lot of new names, but she’s also still learning about Elgin.

She is one of 11 teachers in the district who came to Texas to teach, and she said this will be her second year.

“It is very good to see them improve along their year,” Gallego said.

Daniel Cansino heard about the Texas Spain International Teacher Program as well and also signed up.

“Here I teach Spanish so I feel like I am at home,” Cansino said.

Both teachers are bilingual, and with a high demand for teachers who can speak Spanish, they were welcomed with open arms.

“I did not know I was helping to fill a position until I get here,” Gallego said. “So, I am happy, they are happy, it is a win-win.”

The program helps fill much needed positions, but it also allows the teachers to teach students about where they are from.

“For me it is so nice when you see that [the students] really love you,” said Cansino.

Elgin ISD had five teachers from Spain in the program last year but added six this year.

The district hopes to add even more students in the coming years.

Teacher contracts last three years, but teachers can sign a two-year contract after the initial contract.

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