This Air Fryer Cleaning Hack Is At Its Lowest Price Ever On Amazon

Anything that cuts down on post-dinner cleanup is a good investment, and it’s made doubly so when said item is on sale. If you love to use an air fryer, then you’re in luck: right now the Home Expert air fryer disposable paper liner sheets are 47% off at Amazon. These round parchment paper liners are a nonstick essential. They’re perfectly pre-cut to fit into a traditional air fryer basket and help to minimize mess.

Each pack includes 350 liners, all of which are waterproof and oil-proof, heat-resistant and made of food-grade wood pulp material that won’t leach into your food. These convenient liners will not only make your life easier but help you enjoy the cooking process even more. They’ll come in extra handy especially when cooking in a dorm or other small kitchen where you may not have a full sink for clean up.

Their round design makes it easy to drop into the air fryer basket before adding food. These have a diameter of 7.9 inches, though you can also get them in a smaller size if you have a mini air fryer.

Best of all, you don’t have to limit their use to the air fryer. You can use these disposable liners in the microwave, oven, steamer or stove as well. Few things are better than a multifunctional item, especially in the kitchen where space can often be limited.

These liners don’t often go on sale, so make sure you snag them and save while you can. Check out a few raving reviews from Amazon below and find out why they have 4.5 out of 5 stars for yourself.

“These are great. I like these so much more than the flat sheets. I have found that these are strong enough to take the food out of my air fryer while holding on to these and placing it on a plate. 5 stars.” — Betty Grey

“Works great! These liners fit my air fryer perfectly! The raised edge prevent spills so I don’t have to clean my air fryer every time I use it. These are exactly what I was looking for!” — McKibbles & Bits

“These are awesome and make me use my air fryer way more! I don’t have to clean the air fryer every time i use it, the food still gets cooked perfectly and its so easy to dispose of. Plus you get so many in a box! If you have an air fryer, this is a must!” — Ihens

“Saves so much cleaning time. NEEDED when you have a round or circular airfryer. I didnt even know this product existed until recently and it has drastically reduce my clean up times.” — Keri Kunkle

“I cooked 3 hot dogs at once using 1 paper liner. The liner absorbed all the grease and kept it contained in the liner. None leaked through all the paper liner was very greasy from the fat that dripped out of the hot dogs. I cooked a 1” steak sprayed with oil and that also didn’t leak. What a mess my air fryer used to be! Grease would drip underneath the metal Plate/base and the metal Plate was always greasy in the little holes. These papers are like a miracle. They absorb but they don’t drip or leak the few times I’ve used them.” — Linda I Lomberg

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