23 Audi Q5 is more than an option

Wrapped in District Green Metallic, the Audi Q5 is a very nice overall vehicle. Appealing to the consumer eye and priced right for the moderate buyer, the Audi Q5 is very practical.

While riding higher in the Q5 SUV, Audi does a great job of ensuring the vehicle rides smoothly similar to that of a sedan, but for other Q-series SUV’s that is not necessarily the case as more sporty models tend to be stiffer. But for the Q5, a well-versed mid-size SUV with good sight lines and a smooth ride, is perfect for many consumers in today’s market. As Volkswagen, the parent company to Audi, develops similar sized SUVs in their fleet, we recognize some large differences amongst the brands.

With 261 horsepower our Q5 S-line came with a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine and 273 lb-ft of torque. Paired with a 7-speed transmission, the 2023 Audi D5 S-Line was quiet with limited road noise and peppy at just the step of the pedal. While a typical Audi interior was present, our S-Line came with a Prestige package that came in at $11K. This upgrades the base Q5 to include luxury accouterments that were not garish at all. Upgraded wheels, LED lighting, heads up display were just a few of the options we noticed while on our week long tester.

For Audi and the Q-series, what is there not to enjoy. They are attractive looking and usable vehicles that boast a tremendous usage in most markets. From city-living to cabin-like weekends, the Q-Series fits the consumer market and takes a nice slice of the auto-review pie. Although the base price of $46K is a nice starting point, to make them luxurious and nicer looking, upgrading them to nicer packages and options is all of the norm, similar to their German counterparts. While Volvo holds a large parking spot in Grasso’s Garage and the Q-series competes heavily with the XC-series, I will let you make the determination as to what you like better.

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Audi Q5

MSRP: $46,000

MPG: 22 city / 29 highway / 26.6 as tested

As Tested: $60,340

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