Missing DIA cat found by Southwest employees

DENVER (KDVR) — After spending almost 24 hours lost in the Denver International Airport, Breezy, a year-old Bengal cat, was found hiding in the Southwest ramp area.

Breezy and her owner Ginger Thompson flew to Denver for a cat competition. While boarding their flight on the way back to Washington, a mishap with the cat carrier caused Breezy to fall between the airplane door and jet bridge and onto the tarmac.

Since Sunday, Breezy was on the run in DIA. Thompson stayed an extra day to search for Breezy, but booked a flight home Monday night after little luck, according to her Facebook.

“It’s been a little over 24 hours since I lost Breezy. I’m going out of my mind worrying. Trying to be patient but laying here in the hotel waiting is killing me and I’m losing any hope as each hour passes,” Thompson said on her Facebook.

After a desperate search for the furbaby, Breezy was found on Monday by Southwest employees after she was hiding under a ramp area.

“Our team worked quickly to safely secure the cat, and then worked with the City of Denver to reunite Breezy with its owner,” said Southwest.

Thompson posted a huge thank-you to all the people who helped find Breezy.

“Also THANK YOU everyone who has offered support and made it possible to stay and be able to get Breezy checked out from a vet and have time to recover before I bring her home,” wrote Thompson.

Breezy is posted all over Thompson’s Facebook page. Her chin is no longer white and covered in oil, but she is safe.

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