Live updates: Indictment returned in Georgia election interference probe, per sources

Multiple witnesses have been spotted and testified before the Fulton County grand jury today, including two former state lawmakers.

Former Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan testified today, she told local outlets as she left the courthouse, saying she testified for about 40 minutes.

Former Democratic state Rep. Bee Nguyen also testified, according to a statement.

“Today, I testified in front of the Fulton County Grand Jury,” the statement said. “When I took my oath of office in 2017, I swore my allegiance to our Constitution and promised to protect and defend our State and our country. On December 2020, when Rudy Giuliani and the former President’s legal team appeared before the Georgia House of Representatives, I upheld my oath and told the truth in the face of false testimony about our elections.”

“Today, I reaffirmed my allegiance to our State and country — by exercising my patriotic duty as a U.S. citizen and telling the truth under oath,” she continued. “As a former lawmaker, I respect the separation of power and the crucial role that our judicial system plays in protecting our democracy by holding everyone accountable, even powerful individuals.”

Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, who spoke exclusively with ABC News’ Jon Karl over the weekend, was also spotted in the courthouse by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

-ABC News’ Olivia Rubin, Will Steakin, Laura Romero and Richard Elliott

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