Did you know Denver is one of the freshest non-coastal places you can get fish?

DENVER (KDVR) — Because Denver’s landlocked, it’s not commonly considered a seafood hub, but that doesn’t line up with the numerous seafood restaurants in Denver. While Denver doesn’t have Boston-level fresh seafood, it’s only a few hours off from being one of the freshest catches.

Sean Huggard, owner of Blue Island Oyster Bar, grew up with seafood in Boston, which is where he still gets some of it for his restaurant. The fish caught today in Boston will be on the table in Denver tomorrow.

Turns out, you’re getting some of the freshest fish thanks to the Denver International Airport, according to Huggard.

Most fish catch a flight to Denver and get here much quicker than any other landlocked state because DIA is one of the busiest airports in the world.

“People always are asking me, ‘How do you get fresh fish in Denver?’ I’m like, how do you get toilet paper from Amazon in like a day or less?” said Huggard.

Denver has flights coming from all over the world which means it’s often the layover for fish coming from one side of the country to the other. Whenever seafood is shipped, Denver is often the first place the fish go to.

“People will be on the coast of California and think they’re eating super fresh seafood and that you could never get super fresh seafood in Denver. They have that mentality because they’re sitting on an ocean, right? But that fish is already flown, either through Denver or over Denver,” said Huggard.

DIA also brings some of the freshest international fish from direct international flights. Fish coming from Scotland and Ireland only take a few hours to get to Denver.

Blue Island Oyster Bar gets salmon directly from Scottland three to four times a week due to the DIA direct flight, said Huggard.

So, when it comes to seafood in Denver, it’s the same as getting seafood from a coastal town, it just takes a few hours longer. With that being said, hours don’t necessarily matter as fish packaged correctly can be stored for around 60 days, said Huggard.

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