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Ousmane Dembélé leaves Barça. The transfer of the French footballer to Paris Saint-Germain has been closed due to 50.4 millionjust over the 50 million signed in the footballer’s clause. The Barça club will receive 35.4 million, while the rest will be charged by the player, according to the agreement they reached last summer in the renewal of the contract. Although it had been reported that the distribution was 50%, the negotiations with the player’s agent have concluded with a higher percentage for Barça.

Xavi’s effort to keep Dembélé was wasted and now there is a gap up front that the coach would like to cover. Although they have broken Lamine Yamal, Fermín López and Abde Ez to fill the void left by the footballer “determinant and differential, one of the best in the world”, as he described the controversial Ousmane, of whom he has been his unconditional supporter in front of the whole world.

PSG again

The flattery and full confidence proclaimed by the coach since his arrival in November 2021 have succumbed to the economic interest of the French international’s agents and the superior record offered by PSG to attract who they have designated as relief of Kylian Mbappé before the certain perspective that he goes to Madrid. A few million of that clause falls clean of dust and straw to Dembélé plus the emoluments that he has agreed with his new club, higher in any case than what he received at Barça from the cuts.

six years later that PSG took Neymar from Barça (2017) previous payment of the famous 222 million clause – still today an absolute record in the history of football – its Qatari president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi reappears in the culé universe to take advantage of the market opportunity (if it is a bargain it is left to subjective criteria) and replace (sooner or later) one piece with another.

On July 31, it was the last day that Dembélé cost 50 million and the player or a club had to declare that they wanted to be transferred. So on August 1, that price did not rise to 100 million as PSG had notified beforehand of its intention to hire him. Luis Enrique’s PSG, that he has opted for Dembélé despite the fact that he arrived as soon as he left Barça and that He hired Arnau Tenas for free this summer, the third Barça goalkeeper, who was released.

Broken in Getafe

Dembélé’s career at Barça fell apart in the third game he played. In Getafe, by giving an innocuous and effective heel strike. He suffered a ruptured left biceps femoris tendon that kept him out for 20 games. It was the first of the numerous muscular injuries that have marked his stay at the Camp Nou. Another tear in the same muscle in his right leg spoiled his third season (He only played 9 games) and an injury with France in the Eurocup cut off the fifth.

In six seasons, Dembélé has played 185 games out of a possible 330 (56%), has scored 40 goals and has provided 42 assists. He has collaborated in the achievement of seven titles: three Leagues, two Cups and two Super Cups. Nothing in Europe. His latest contribution was the 1-0 goal against Madrid in the Dallas classic.

Impact on tour

The French winger leaves with 26 years, perhaps the best phase, by age, of a footballer’s career and leaves Barça without the first of the three substitutes that Josep Maria Bartomeu signed to alleviate Neymar’s flight. Then Philippe Coutinho (January 2018) and Antoine Griezmann (2019) appeared.

Ousmane leaves, like Neymar. after announcing it in the middle of the American tour, although the soap opera has lasted less than the one that took place then on the east coast, between New Jersey and Miami, with the final outcome of Neymar saying goodbye to his teammates in Barcelona and some lawyers depositing the check of the clause at the LaLiga headquarters in Madrid. Dembélé returned to the team, underwent a medical check-up in Paris, trained with the group for two more days and left for good.

Neymar and Dembélé, together

The circle has been closed. Neymar and Dembélé have come together in Paris, but it is not known for how long. It is intuited that little. Until Al-Khelaïfi reaches an agreement to fire the Brazilian with compensation. While Dembélé’s agents were speaking in Paris (Moussa Sissoko and Marco Lichsteiner signed the 2022 renewal), representatives on Neymar’s behalf have visited Barcelona. Not just for pleasure. The prospect of return increases every day.

However, Xavi is not in the business of getting Neymar back nor does the club have so much money to reinvest it immediately. The 25 million (or more) obtained by Dembélé serve to manage the salary limit that allows the registration of all pending footballers: the five renewals (Iñaki Peña, Araujo, Balde, Marcos and Sergi Roberto) and the three signings: Gündogan, Iñigo and Romeu. The entry is applauded after the collection of the 8.5 million Porto by Nico González and the 12.5 that Al Ahli has paid for Franck Kessié.

Xavi claimed Joan Laporta again after the victory over Madrid plus signings to reinforce the squad. The coach wants another midfielder and a right back. It has not been defined about the need to compensate Dembélé’s departure with another striker or is it enough with Abde or the formidable irruption of Fermín López. Last year he got it when Ousmane caused a small schism within the club.

Ousmane was separated in January 2022 for not wanting to renew, but he was only out for two games because Xavi needed him.

Germany’s pulse

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Xavi firmly advocated the continuity of the winger in the winter of 2021, but his agents did not agree to any agreement. Six months after completion there was a fight sponsored by Mateu Alemany, the football director, who advocated that he be removed from the team if he did not renew. Two parties were sidelined. The third, Xavi rescued him due to the bloody panorama that was drawn, far from the Champions League positions that were required of him.

The delay in negotiating an agreement reached the point that the contract was exhausted and there was no response until mid-July. It was necessary to tie a possible replacement and Raphinha arrived, paid at the price of gold to a recently relegated club. Leeds knowing the state of despair of Barça, he claimed 58 million plus 9 of variables. Without contract, Dembélé appeared in Sant Joan Despí willing to train with his white smile to also cheer up Xavi. Until, a year later, he has wiped it off his face.

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